Saturday, June 6, 2015

My first post as an entrepreneur

For my first post as an entrepreneur - I have to admit that I'm very excited to write and to share my thoughts with you. Whether you're an entrepreneur yourself, woman or man, or whether you have an idea for a business and haven't yet taken the leap to make it happen - I feel as though I could share a lot of what I've learned in order to help. I simply don't understand why some people refuse to share their experiences (good or bad) during their road towards success, and instead keep it to themselves (as if another woman's success would somehow take away from my own).

Specifically, when it comes to women entrepreneurs, the pressure to stand out can be overwhelming. Women are not taken as seriously as their counterparts (men), and are less like to be funded by VC's, angles, and even in crowdfunding sites. But why? Do we still live in a world where women are viewed as less than men? Do investors fear investing in women because a woman will want to one day be (or already is) a mom and that will somehow get in the way of the success of her business? Is it because women are viewed as less aggressive and thus, less likely to succeed in the "rough business world"? 

Whatever the answer is, this situation must end. And I hope to help other women in their quest to pursuing their dreams, taking the risks that need to be taken, and above all, taking the leap towards a brighter more fulfilling future as women entrepreneurs and eventually successful business owners. (I'm still working on that last part...).

Feel free to join me on this quest - to spread the word - and hopefully impact as many aspiring women as possible. 

  (My first "CupCare - The Bra Liner" stand at a Startup Challenge conference)

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